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FTC specializes in commercial developments!

We work with investors, mortgage brokers, realtors, architects, and other construction professionals to develop land into beautifully-designed, useful, and profitable properties… We are happy to coordinate every aspect of your project.

We are experienced with a variety of project delivery systems, including design-build, construction management, and general contracting, and are happy to work with you to customize an execution plan that works best for your needs.

At the conception of your project, our team will provide you with a projected budget, risk assessment, and preliminary execution plan.
Once a design is completed, we can solidify the budget and proceed with either a fixed price or cost-plus construction contract, and the execution plan will be updated based on the specific project delivery system chosen by the client.
We consistently strive to complete each project on time, within budget, while never compromising the safety of our people or the quality of our end product.

Our process is divided into three stages. Each stage is designed to strengthen the integrity of your building, speed the building process, and give you a clear overview of the building process.